FPW basing progress

I’ve started on a largish task of rebasing my 6mm Franco Prussian War armies. Fortunately (or perhaps wisely), my figures are based on plasticard and glued down with PVA, so getting them off is alright. I soak the bases up to the figure’s ankles in water, and then after a day or more pry them off and clean up the figure base. The caulk I use for texturing the base is not waterproof, so it softens up and scraps off very easily. I just have to repaint the base and touch up any horse legs after the bases have been cleaned up.

The first batch is most of the cavalry which consists of 12 units (48 bases) of German and Bavarian cavalry, excluding 3 units of Cuirassiers. Some of these are new units I finished from the current painting tray, and I’ll feature them in a separate post. I use the same coffee coloured caulk I have for years, butI find it too light, so the base gets a brown/burnt umber wash to darken the colour. Next I’ll drybrush and flock the bases.

And I trialed basing a Prussian unit to see how they would look, and based up some Jagers I had painted earlier this year. I calculated I have another 56 bases of painted Prussian and Bavarian infantry to go!these!

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