Medieval buildings kickstarter

Earlier this year I backed a Kickstarter for some 1/285th Medieval buildings made by 6mmPhil. Although I don’t have any Medieval armies I figured I can use them for 6mm fantasy (when I get back to it) or for later periods such as Napoleonics and FPW. Also it is good to support fellow 6mm gamers and the very small niche of 6mm manufacturers.

The buildings arrived a few weeks ago and I put them inside another box in my messy garage and promptly forgot about them! Today while searching around for something else I found them and pulled them out. I ended up with 12 buildings, 4 charcoal burning pits and 20 Microworld peasants.

The casting and sculpting is very good and I have yet to see any air bubble. I found the range of different coloured resins slightly amusing especially the church. They are large models (larger than I was expecting) and should fit well with some of the newer style of 6mm figures such as Baccus or Microworld. I’ll take some photos next to other Medieval buildings in a post soon, but I don’t think these will go well with Irregular buildings and I’m not sure about Leven, who also tend to be smaller models.

Also included were 20 peasants from Microworld games

Complete and ruined church

Manor with some Baccus Vikings
Windmill – I really like the lasercut windmill


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