November workbench

I’ve been finishing off the last bits in my painting tray (although I have been saying that for a while now!)

The Viking ships I featured back in September are finally ready for a coat of paint. I had to make some bow and stern pieces out of green stuff and wire to replace the missing pieces. Of course as I was looking for something else I came across one of the missing stern pieces in a random container, so I replaced to worst looking piece with an original metal piece again (not in these pictures). And I added some quickly crafty rudders, after looking photos of the models online.

The other pieces from my painting tray was a couple of Mi-24 Hind helicopters for my Iraqi army. I picked these up second hand years ago and one of them was missing the left “wing”. I fashioned a new wing out of plasticard and magnetised a new 3D printed rotor. The magnetised rotors look much nicer than the original metal ones and can be removed for storage. Also you can give them a flick and the rotors will spin if you like that sort of thing…


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  1. […] After a long and arduous journey a couple of Viking longboats have arrived. The models are from Heroics and Ros and are formerly Kremlin miniatures. I picked these up secondhand and they were missing a few bits, and you can read about their progress in an earlier post. […]


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