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Iron Cow 2103

Due to my sudden renewed interest in Scifi for 6mm gaming (that is not Epic as I play that semi-regular) I looked around for another set of rules called Iron Cow 2103. These were published by Wessex games and for while there was a good community (especially when the SFSFW society existed and published their Ragnarok magazine). I never owned a copy but a friend did, so I recently acquired a copy from Wargames Vault. I also from the same site there was a fan supplement called Phase Line Bravo, which added some more details and better infantry rules.

However the community and support for them seems to have dried up, but this is not a huge concern as it is likely I will get enough for both sides and probably play them solo. Once again on the SFSFW page there is a some helpful articles and scenarios. Brigade models also has a list of stats for their models here.

Strike Legion

This is another set of scifi rules I collected about 8 years ago but they have sat on the shelf, and I must revisit them as part of my “sci-fi renaissance”. I remember being very impressed with the concept and I liked the level of detail and mechanics, and they were well supported with a yahoo group and a decent amount of content.

Grimdark Future and other rules

Grimdark Future is a Sci-fi set of rules loosely based on the 40K universe, which I have seen being played in 6mm online. They appear to be mostly designed for 28mm figures but since the basic rules, lists and extras are free to download here, its worth looking into them. Hopefully when I start experimenting with rules I’ll give these a go and if they are good then I will probably signup for the Patreon to access additional content.

Although this is not intended as an extensive list of Sci-fi rules suitable for 6mm, I thought I’d round out this post with a few other rulesets that deserve a mention:-

  • Polyversal
  • Command Horizon
  • Horizon Wars
  • Laserburn
  • Epic (Net Epic or Epic Armageddon)

Putting it all together

So far I have a bunch of disparate figures, terrain, rules, scenarios and probably no opponent! Initially I’ll try out the rules with the Epic figures I have, and decide on a rule set or two. That will also help me decide on which figure ranges I want and how many I want/need.

In regards to solo play I’ll try a system called “Threat Generation System” by Martin England, which was published in Miniature Wargames 373 and can be brought in a pdf format online. Eventually I’d like to create a campaign and use the Platoon Forward supplement from Too Fat Lardies for generating a force and personalising them.

I’ll ramble on about scenery in the next post as I have lots of ideas, and a lot of work to complete them.


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  1. […] Last year I blogged about getting back into Sci-fi gaming after rediscovering the Hellfire and Iron Cow 2103 rules. At the beginning of this year I ordered a bunch of models from Brigade Model in the UK. I was pleasantly surprised how much their sculpting has improved since my earlier PacFed models I own, and the details on these new models were fantastic. The models themselves were a mix across their 6mm Scifi ranges and Hammers Slammers and I roughly brought enough to create a couple of different company sized forces. I went through the Hellfire scenarios and picked up enough to cover most of the requirements for the Dodgsons World campaign and enough to create 3 vehicle platoons, with 3 platoons to a company style of organisation. This is the first faction finished. […]


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