Some new (old) 6mm Sci-fi rules

I was recently browsing The Wargames Website (which has a very nice forum compared to the craziness on TMP), and in the 6mm Sci-fi section there was mention of a set of rules call Hellfire. The name was familiar but I never owned a copy, but it distracted me enough to start thinking about all the scifi rules I’ve had over the years. I’ve always had a soft spot for 6mm Sci-fi and have played Dirtside, Future War Commander and Epic (Space Marine) over the years. For generic scifi rules I preferred Dirtside over FWC, mostly because the way hits are done in FWC always put me off. Dirtside is definitely more crunchy than the others and coming from a WRG moderns background, I like that. The main challenge is a lack of 6mm scifi gamers locally.

Anyway the author has re-released Hellfire and has started a blog and popped up on TWW. I brought a copy from Wargames vault here for a little more than $5US. The rules are pretty old school and the mechanics interesting and quite loosely written, and I think I need a few games to get the hang of them. He also had a walkthrough game which helped a lot, but I think I need to get some figures on the table and try them out.

He has also released a number of scenarios on his blog with old campaigns which are no longer available I believe. Also during my googling I found a few more Hellfire scenarios here and here

Of course the next step is to look at my figure collection to see if I have anything suitable. I’ve got a bit of Epic which don’t really mix well with other Scifi like Brigade Models or GZG. However I have a reasonable amount of Epic infantry such as Chaos Space Marines, cultists, Beastmen and Imperial guard so I think its a starting point.

The rest of my scifi collection is a Brigade Models PACFed army which I painted in some rather bright colours. I’ve got a few other random bits and unfinished models lying around, but nothing suitable as an opponent. Looking at the models again, they could benefit from some washes and weathering as well as some chipping.

Next time I’ll go through my Sc-ifi terrain and also the Iron Cow 2103 rules I also recently purchased.



      • It may seem silly, but now you’re not as ‘overseas’ as you were when Hellfire was first published 🙂
        Thanks to the ‘joy’ of the internet at least.
        The downside is that it’s no easier to get a face to face game in across the table 😦
        But at least you have more chance of getting hold of me now and there’s no reason why somebody in NZ or anywhere else shouldn’t be an integral part of the project. 🙂

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