Modern Argentinean guns

I’ve finished some more models from my painting tray and these complete an army that I purchased probably 30 years ago! They also win the award for the army I have that is least likely to appear on the table, but as I type this, I think it is worth trying to change this.

This force is part of an 1980s Argentinean army which you can see on my website here

They were painted with a Sand and Green colour scheme which looks very good at a distance. The infantry are Modern US artillery crew (by H&R) which I painted in a green colour to match the uniforms in the 1980s. The models were all nice and the Orlerikon’s had crew molded in them, which look good but were tricky to paint.

Heroics and Ros M2A1 105mm howitzer.

Scotia Orlerikon Twin 35mm AA (SM0003)


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