Modern Russian progress from the painting tray

As I diligently work through the figures in my painting tray a new batch of 6mm vehicles has been completed. I’ve got a lot of unpainted Russian vehicles (over 300), so using the painting tray has really helped me focus and knock off manageable chunks.

I’ve been experimenting with different colours for highlighting as some of my previous Russian vehicles models were panel lined and highlighted with oil paints. The result from the oil paints are great but its not very practical so I’ve been trying acrylics. Some early batches are a little garish and this batch also looked a bit too bright but I gave them a thin wash of the base colour to tone it all down.

Back row consists of SA-4 Ganefs, Zil-135 trucks and TMM bridge carrier. The front row has ASU-85s, PT-76s, and another TMM. All are from Scotia except the ASU-85s.

And the next 2 batches of vehicles are base coated. Its most engineering and amphibious equipment which I have rarely used on the table, but I hope to change that. Plus there is some cool models in this batch!


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