6mm European buildings

I’m on a roll working through the backlog of 6mm buildings that I have collected. I’ve painted up some more and I will keep on painting them, while I come up with a basing idea.

On the left is a Church (by Leven), which is a lovely model from Leven and cleanly cast. I think its an English church but I’ll probably use it for more central Europe games, so I painted it in colours for that region. I went with blue windows instead of black to add some colour, and I think black windows would not have looked as good, given the size of the windows.

The other large building is a Granary (by Total Battle Miniatures). This will be useful to represent the granary at Aspern Essling or as part of a village.

The smaller building is a barn (by Gamecraft). A very well detailed model which will end up on a battlefield in Normandy at some point.

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