French buildings

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I recently finished some more 6mm French buildings. I’m mostly working on rural/village buildings and some of these will be part of a village or large farm eventually.

These are a mix of resin and 3D printed buildings and I haven’t decided how a they will be based yet. I’ll complete a few more batches of buildings and then decide on basing. I keen switching between individually based buildings or making more of a diorama base.

The buildings were painted over the top of a white undercoat. I used a mix of craft paints and figure paints. They were also drybrushed with cream and washed with brown and green inks to help weather the buildings, but I think I could have weathered them more.

3D printed buildings and a very old model from Military Miniatures in NZ
Leven Miniatures church which is a beautiful model. Its actually a simplfied version of Church of St Mary (Sainte-Mère-Église)

In the future I’ll try and do a step by step tutorial and add it to my make 6mm wargaming site.

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