A quick do-up

Recently I started working again on some 6mm buildings for my WW2 stuff, mostly for France. I have a few farms that were based and painted years ago and so I started to make ruined versions of them. This hasn’t progressed but I picked up one of the farms while painting other scaled buildings.

I have had this farm for more than 20 years and although the paint job was very good, I wasn’t happy with the wall colour.

So I base coated the roof and walls and repainted them. For the roof I picked out individual tiles in different shades and them drybrushed the roof. It was fined off with some green and brown washes and now the newly decorated building looks much better. The walls were also given a quick coat of paint to match the main building.

This inspired me to go through my collection of other buildings, so expect to see more very soon, while I’m on a roll!

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