2021 plans

This year I am trying to restrict this so I can actually meet my goals! I keep a track of figures I paint so I planned out what I can complete based on previous years efforts. The difficulty I have a a typical wargamers weakness, new projects which appear out of nowhere, usually after reading a blog post/article on the web or a conversation with a local gaming buddy.

New plans and projects

Get back into creating content for my 6mm wargaming website as I have been neglecting it in recent years.

Try out some solo gaming especially with 6mm microarmour. I have dabbled in this with 28mm fantasy (Sellswords and Spellslingers) which is a fantastic system. However its not a suitable system to convert to 6mm microarmour. I have found a very promising system, called “Threat Generation System” by Martin England, which is designed for WW2 systems. This should work well for WW2 and Moderns (Post WW2) with a few tweaks.

Afrika Korp army – A bunch of friends have a gaming weekend twice a year and this time we are going for a large WW2 Desert battle. I’ve committed to building a German force and I have to complete this by some time in March. There’s nothing like a deadline to motivate oneself.

Modern Scandinavian what if campaign – The idea is to play a campaign based on a fictional 1980s invasion of Sweden by Russia. I have Russian and Swedish forces mostly painted so I’ll make some terrain (lots of trees and villages) and convert scenarios from other periods to suit. I also want to try this out solo. I was thinking of making snow terrain and while it would look nice, it would be impractical, and I doubt a winter invasion would be a good idea.

Fantasy armies – no plan yet but I want to paint up some figures !

Alexandrian project – create armies to refight the battles of Alexander the Great, vs Persians, Greeks and if there is time Indians. I’ll build enough for BBDBA or ADLG sized forces and then hopefully convince someone to play this

Projects to finish off

Epic Imperial Guard – this is continued on from 2020

6mm Desert Terrain – Not really started but something I want to complete this year.

Epic scenery – Same as the desert terrain

6mm Terrain boards – ditto

WW2 Late and Early war forces – enough to be able to play games to motivate me to paint more!

Slow burning projects

Paint some more modern 1/300th aircraft – for ongoing airgaming and as support land based gaming

FPW forces – rebase and paint some more units. I have close to 800 figures to paint and then there is the French army I purchased, which could have a repaint.

Finish off my Modern South Africans – about 80 vehicles and 100 infantry

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