Battle of Britain planes

I ordered a pack of 1/300th Battle of Britain planes from Plastic Soldier company just before Christmas, and they arrived yesterday. Great value with 102 planes for 10 pounds! My bag had the following mix of planes:-

16 x Me-109
6 x Me-110
6 x Ju-87
7 x Ju-88
10 x Do-17
6 x He-111
5 x Gloster Gladiator
18 x Hurricane
18 x Spitfire
5 x Blenheim
5 x Paul Bolton Defiant

The aircraft themselves are very nice with good panel details and are easily recognisable. At first I thought some of them looked a bit small but I realised that is because the models are a lot finer castings, with the wings being much thinner than my metal aircraft. I guess that is due to the 1/300th and 1/285th manufacturers making theirs more durable (and therefore chunkier).

Also some of the German bombers have crosses on the upper wings but those should be easy to remove.

They are well worth it if you can get your hands on these, but good luck, as they are often out of stock on the PSC website.

I hope to write up a more in depth review for my website soon including comparison photos with other brands.

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