2020 review

Yes its that time of year where we reflect on the previous years efforts. As a lot of blogs have mentioned 2020 was not a normal year, but I managed to paint more stuff than previous years due to working from home and having more free time (not commuting and painting during meetings).

On the 6mm front my plans for the year are best described as a mixed bag. There was very little progress on any terrain projects but I did manage to focus more on finishing armies.

In non 6mm scales I made some really good progress completing some old projects which will hopefully allow me more time for 6mm.

I also counted up almost every unpainted figure I own which was a big number, but it has helped me to consolidate what I own. I have been culling larger scale’s projects to focus more on the stuff I want to do. In 6mm I have over 4000 figures to paint and 1200 vehicles and planes. That doesn’t include any Fantasy or Dark Ages.

I’m also trying to implement a system to reduce my lead pile, where for every 3 figures I paint in a scale, I can buy 1 figure. ie. if I paint 300 6mm figures I can purchase 100 new figures. In 2020 I purchased 131 6mm vehicles and no infantry but painted 189 vehicles and 592 infantry. I didn’t quite meet the target, but the lead pile is trending down.

New projects

Epic Imperial Guard – underway and about 50% finished. I ran out of paint and realised the local shop that sold that brand is gone, so I will try online for some.

Vietnam Downtown – not started and I binned most of the aircraft. When I re-examined the 3D prints there were a lot of issues with them. I need to reprint them using a different 3D slicer or buy metal planes instead (now my preferred option as cleaning up 3D prints is very time consuming)

6mm Desert Terrain – not started!

Epic scenery – buildings 3D printed and cleaned up but not started.

A new set of 6mm Terrain boards – not started! I sawed up some wood but that was as far as I got.

Other high priority projects to complete

Complete my Modern 1/300 Arabs – completed everything I have. I need to order 20-30 vehicles from Scotia but otherwise its all done

Complete the WW2 1940 project – WW2 Germans completed everything I have and WW2 British started. A few more vehicles are also required from Scotia for the Germans and French.

Finish off my modern Soviet Infantry and Artillery – Infantry completed and a lot of the artillery crew are painted, but not based.

6mm projects that weren’t on the plan!

WW2 late war German – I decided to try out some rules so I hurriedly painted some vehicles – The first 20 vehicles completed but awaiting decals.

6mm Modern US – a commission I have been sitting on for years was finished – around 200 US infantry from GHQ.

Franco-Prussian War – A couple more FPW units finished for this ongoing 6mm project.

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