Dark Ages progress

My Dark ages project is now back in focus and there has been a little bit of movement.

I worked on the walls for the settlement and filled some of the gaps with additional bristles and used copious amounts of super glue to hold them together. I also made a gate and I haven’t decided whether I should glue it down or not. The tops of the posts still need tidying up as the shaped made by my side cutters when they were trimmed doesn’t look very good.

From the painting tray I cleaned up the two Viking ships I own. These are from Heroics and Ros but were originally made by Kremlin Miniatures. The masts and sail is a pretty big heavy chunk of lead so I devised a way to make them survive the rigors of wargaming. My plan is to make the masts removable to make storage of them much easier, and less prone to damage.

I drilled out the hole where the mast went and glued in a rare earth magnet. Then I glued a magnet to the bottom of the mast but this is not strong enough to hold the mast in place. So I got a thin piece of tubing which I think came from a paintbrush, and that fits snuggly around the mast and cut a piece off (about 5-6mm long). Then I glued it in place on top of the hole for the mast on the ship. Once that was dry I put some PVA around the outside of the mast tube to help support it. The masts sits pretty well inside the hole and on the smaller ship I can lift the ship up by the mast, which is very good considering what big chunk of metal the ship is!

One think I noticed is the I only have one figurehead (Drakkar) piece to use in the prow, so I’ll have to scratch build some. Also missing is the oars for steering, but these were picked up second hand so they were lost at some point. I checked the H&R website and they also sell rowers, crew and deck supplies packs, so I must pick up some to fill in the empty decks. I have some Perfect Six pieces which will work for the moment and I’ll glue them around the mast tube to help reinforce it.


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