6mm Trees for a gaming board

Now I have a nice new gaming board I wanted some trees for it. Many years ago I made some trees for my 6mm boards using Woodland Scenics armatures and different kinds of flock. Instead of mounting them on bases they had pins inserted in the trunk, so that they could be poked into the foam boards. When I sold the boards I sold the trees, but recently I found a number of half finished trees in a box. Some trees were the really cheap crappy looking ones from ebay made from twisted wire, which I have never got inspired enough to finish.

Finished trees

For the cheap Chinese wire trees, I used some pliers to untwist the base. Then I inserted a pin into the trunk and twisted the wire back around the pin to reform the trunk. I added some super glue to hold it all together and a bit of caulk to texture the trunk.

Work in progress

Next I dug out my supplies of Woodland Scenic clump foliage and covered the armatures and half finished trees using copious amounts of PVA. Once the glue had dried picked off any excess foam and filled any gaps. Then I sprayed them with a water down PVA mix, which soaked right in and made the foam rock hard. After about 1 week of drying time, I painted the foilage in different shades of green and drybrushed them with yellow and brown shades. Finally the trunks were painted with grey and brown paints.

Normally I’m not a fan of the dense look that the clump foliage creates especially for single trees (forests are fine), but I’m very happy with these and I plan to make more. I think the extra effort painting different shades and colours onto the leaves helps to break up the solid green blob effect this kind of foam can have.


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