Catching up on posts

I have been pretty busy this year and subsequently my blog and 6mm site has not seen much attention. First I had a 8 day bikepacking adventure across the North Island of New Zealand in the last week of January which was fantastic, and this consumed a fair bit of time preparing and training. Its probably not your typical wargamers activity, cycling for many hours each day over hilly terrain, but I enjoyed it and will post some photos further down the post. (EDIT – quite a lot of photos but the scenery was stunning!)

Next I had to help my parents getting their property ready for sale which was a mammoth effort as it has been neglected for years. I took the remainder of my Epic army to paint, but some nights I was too tired to paint.

While I was away some 6mm figures turned up and the first lot of these were some WW2 Crete figures from 2D6 Wargaming. Wow, is how I would describe them with great details (almost on par with GHQ) and the infantry are lovely with some great poses that you don’t often see in this scale. They will become part of a future Desert Brit project as opponents for my DAK army.

I’ll take better photos of these soon.

Also I ordered 6mm Sci-fi figures from CP Models (the old Angel Barracks range) and a a random assortment from Brigade Models. I haven’t finalised any plans yet, but I did try to get enough to cover the Dodsons World campaign for the Hellfire rules. My last 6mm order is from Iliada Game Studios which I placed in October last year, but unfortunately Turkey will not ship to NZ due to Covid shipping issues.

So once I finish my current 6mm painting tray I’ll be loading the next one with 6mm Sci-fi.

Here’s some randomly ordered photos and the route of my bikepacking ride (left to right). There may be some relevance to wargamers, who want to know what the countryside looks for Maori wars gaming!


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