DBA Dark Ages Saxons

Its also nice to finish an army and this is my first of hopefully many more Dark ages armies. The army is comprised of figures from Baccus 6mm and they look the part. The army in DBA in terms is III/24 A and B Middle/Late Anglo Saxons, which can be used from 617AD to 1016AD (or CE).

The majority of the Saxon army was Shieldwall, or Spear in DBA terms, and some of the foot are classified as Blades in 617-701, and then become Warband for the rest of the period. I didn’t bother trying to create separate Blade and Warband bases, but I did base them differently from the spear.

I was going to call them finished, but I noticed when editing the photos that I hadn’t added any banners and the bases could be improved with a few bushes.

Note I used my lightbox for the photos as taking photos in my garage is difficult with patchy lighting, and the colours for these show up much better.

Most of the army was painted last year so here are the most recent additions and them whole army. Here’s the whole army – with all the options for DBA and one extra skirmisher base. The basing is using the 15mm standard, so each base is 40mm wide and 20mm deep.

Cavalry base – The Saxons didn’t have a lot of cavalry but there is the option for one base in the DBA list. These are from the Baccus Gothic range and are Medium cavalry. They are based incorrectly as the should be on a 30mm deep base, so I’ll need to paint a second rank and rebase!

Skirmishers – with Bow

Warband/Blade bases – I chopped up the strips to create a slightly more irregular wall of figures. An advantage of 6mm is being able to create mini formations on the bases.

General bases – Warband/Blade – I added a couple of mounted figures from the Saxon Leaders pack


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