Finished – Modern Soviets for the invasion of Gotland

One of my plans this year was to play a what-if campaign based on a fictitious invasion or Sweden (Gotland Island) using obviously micro modern forces.

I decided to include engineering and amphibious elements in the game to spice it up, and I have painted up the last batch of Russian vehicles for this. Next I’ll paint some Swedish infantry and then I can try out some games. The terrain is still coming along but I will proxy some French/German terrain if I need to


This is a pretty eclectic mix of vehicles and some were repaints from my collection from over 10 years ago. There is PTS Ferries, more bridging trucks, minelayers, command trucks, MTLBs, swimming BTR60s and various softskins.

Decals (Vehicle numbers and Stars) are from i-94 Enterprises.

BTR60PBs swimming (Scotia), GHQ Jeeps, H&R MTK-2 Minelayers, Skytrex GMZ Minelayers and H&R MT-55 Bridgelayers
GHQ MTLBs, M&R IMR, Scotia TMM Bridgeing vehicles and the same Minelayers as above
CNC Long Track Radar, Scotia Kraz255 trucks, H&R Ural Office Body Trucks
PTS ferries (Skytrex) and Minelayers



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