Completed DAK army part 2

Following on from the DAK vehicles here’s the infantry. The figures are exclusively from Heroics and Ros’s new Afrika Korp range, and the variety and sculpts are wonderful.

There is 18 infantry bases, 6 Engineer, HMGs, 81 and 50mm mortars and command stands.

They have magnetised sheet stuff to their bases and I got the tins from a stationery shop. The 2 levels are perfect for 6mm infantry.

I used 4 different colours on the uniforms (plus the cap colour) for variety, and it broke up the monotony of painting them, and I was very happy with the results. The sandbags are from Perfect Six and they help make the support weapons stand out more from a distance.

The basing was a mix of Tamiya texturing basing materiel, which I added sand, polyfilla, stones and more paint to. The flock is Woodland Scenic’s burnt grass. I kept the basing pretty simple, and I’m very happy with the final result.


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