The Painting tray

I read a blog post where a fellow gamer implements a tray system, to break down their lead pile into manageable chunks . The idea is you fill one tray at a time with assorted figures/projects, and paint everything on it, and then repeat. It can be a combination of projects and a project can be broken across many trays.

Given my chaotic and scattered ways, I’ve decided to to implement this (and to avoid impulse buying), with trays for different scales but on this blog I’ll focus on the 6mm tray. I’ll add a scenery tray a bit later.

I’ve scooped up some of the half done stuff on my painting desk (some have been there for over a year) and created a 6mm tray of old and new pieces.

So I present my 6mm tray (which is slightly bigger than A4/Letter size. On it is an eclectic mix of

  • Modern Soviets for my upcoming Scandinavian project.
  • Modern Argentinean artillery and crew (to finish an army that is 30years old!)
  • Dark Ages Saxons by Baccus
  • GW Imperial Guard vehicles, mostly 3D printed
  • A few random modern Soviet aircraft – Yak-38 Forgers and a Badger bomber which is a bit of a dog of a 3D print.

I just noticed how full that bag in the top right corner is with 6mm moderns Soviets, so that will be a fair bit of work.

And some closeups



    • Yes I’m going to do something similar with Swedes on Gotland vs Soviet Naval infantry and Airborne. I might throw in some Danes as I have a platoon of tanks and a platoon of infantry.

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