Tracking Progress so far

I thought I would try something different and review my progress now, just over 1/3rd of the way through the year, instead of waiting until the end of the year (and realising I was way off track).

I started 2021 with a rush with the Afrika korp army (142 vehicles/guns and 250 figures), but that kind of burned me out. I also squeezed in a couple of other batches of WW2 vehicles which I must post here.

I also keep a spreadsheet to see how much I paint every year, and here is progress in the last few years

  • 2018 – 102 vehicles, 498 figures
  • 2019 – 114 vehicles, 833 figures
  • 2020 – 189 vehicles, 592 figures
  • 2021 – 194 vehicles, 247 figures

I’ve have set myself an ambitious goal for the year – 300 vehicles and 1300 figures, so I’ll see how that goes.

Original Plans

Try out some solo gaming especially with 6mm microarmour.

Not started. I was going to wait to complete the background and scenarios for the Modern Scandinavian and terrain boards.

Afrika Korp army

Finished and I even got a couple of games in!

Modern Scandinavian what if campaign

I have all the figures and I’ve based coated this first batch of Russian vehicles, but that’s all.

Fantasy armies

Nothing yet but the new Microworld games releases are really tempting

Alexandrian project

Not started and I’m probably going to swap this out for a Dark ages project. More on that below

Epic Imperial Guard

I finished cleaning up and undercoating all the vehicles which was a mammoth task. The 3d prints had a lot of print lines and extra blobs which need cleaning.

6mm Desert Terrain

Not started

Epic scenery

Progress so far is 2 metal bunkers have been painted. Again I cleaned up all the 3D printed buildings but no more.

6mm Terrain boards

No progress again but I have been thinking about what wood to use to reinforce the plywood, as it is pretty warped. I also saw some double sided boards and it dawned on me what a great idea that is. I can have a lot more flexibility with the boards without the storage problems. The downside I seen is durability and boards which features on top of the boards, cant be reversed.

WW2 Late and Early war forces

I have completed one early war British batch and one late war German batch of vehicles (about 20 vehicles in each).

Unplanned stuff

Dark Ages -Dux Bellorum

Last year I reviewed my collection and decided to offload my 6mm Dark ages. I put them to on side but didn’t get any further. A couple of weeks while browsing the web ( a dangerous pass time) I saw this wonderful 6mm Britannia campaign and it really inspired me once again.

I reviewed my figures and realised I had painted more than I had thought so I have decided to keep the figures and complete it. My idea is to create a number of Dark ages armies for Dux Bellorum and I even ordered the remaining figures to complete this from Baccus. More on this in a further post.

Final comments

While I’m not tracking as well as I would like especially on the terrain front, the plans are still all achievable. Not being distracted by the latest shiny wargaming thing is the key for me.

Apart from the Dark ages project I have been good at staying on track. The 2D6 Wargaming Eastern front is extremely appealing, but I’m already doing WW2 1940 France, Late war Normandy and now the Desert war.

Also there are some possibilities for more lovely 6mm Ancient armies, but I need to finish the one I have first!

And summer has come to end in this part of the world, so less outdoor activities hopefully means painting time! But work is expected to be very busy in the next coulpe of months so I will see.

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