Large Desert battle preview and some planes

I think I mentioned earlier that I was painting my 6mm DAK force for a large gaming weekend. I managed to complete then the night before(!) with some last minute touch-ups to the infantry.

A house was hired in the lovely surfing town of Raglan here In NZ at the end of March. The weekend began on Friday afternoon with usual consumption of fine wine and beer, followed by a typical kiwi BBQ. The next day we played two games of Sabre Squadron but with some modifications for WW2. We used Spearhead TOEs which gives a nice mix of interesting units, but the games was played at 1 to 1 scale.

Here’s a photo from the middle of the first game, which pitched 2 British armoured divisions vs 1 Italian and 1 German division.

And a couple of photos of my newly completed figures getting into action.

The second game was an Attack/Defence with the British defending a prepared position while the Germans and Italians assaulted from all sides. However both British reinforcements could arrive from any side so the Italians and Germans had to keep looking over their shoulders.

And finally I painted some of the Plastic Soldier company BoB Luftwaffe planes for the desert game. I went with the a camo scheme on the BF109s based on a famous photo from the desert and I used the fantastic Jagwaffe series . For the Stukas I went for a more simple scheme.

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