Hobby update

It’s been a while and during the lockdown here in NZ I have completed a lot of non-6mm projects that have been sitting on my workbench for too long. This has freed up some space so I have started on my mountain of 6mm terrain.

I thought I would begin with something simple and I picked out a couple of Windmills and a Total Battle Miniature town. I started the TBM town a while ago and its very nice, but I didn’t really like the large bushes, so that put me off finishing it.So after starting on it again I made some touchups and a few AK washes on the walls the buildings are done except for the doors and windows.

The windmills (both Irregular) needed some repairs as the sails were broken and the wooden windmill suffered from some poor casting and massive mold lines through it. I filed the mold lines down with a large file and then re-added the wooden planks with a small modelling needle file, and it looks much better. The whole model is skewed and is a parallelogram shape instead of square.


The stone windmill has been given a new basecoated and the roof painted.

Also I created two small rises for the windmills to sit on.One base was something I started a long time ago and was going to be used for a fantasy castle or such, but it has been repurposed as a Mediterranean style windmill. The second base was a bit of XPS foam glued onto a cut-down cd base and sanded. Both windmills have been mounted onto plasticard to make the bases sturdier and a metal pin drilled right through into the base. Its probably overkill but I like to make my terrain sturdy!


Coincidentally I was looking at Franco-Prussian war images for my stalled 6mm project and I came across this picture of a windmill, which looks a lot like the wooden windmill. I wonder if Irregular modelled there’s on this, but now I have an authentic looking piece for my FPW project. More on that soon.



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