Radio silence – Napoleonics

I have been busy the last few weeks painting 15mm Napoleonics for a upcoming FOGN tournament. I have really tried to focus and finish these as it has been a half completed army for over 10 years (since Lasalle was popular). I finished 5 infantry units (160 figures) in a 3 week burst. I still have another infantry units 5 to go and I don’t want to lose focus on these. When I look at the rest of army, it is no where near the standard of the newer painting but I will have to live with that, as I have so much unpainted stuff to worry about first. I also have Napoleonics in 2mm, 6mm, 15mm and 28mm.


How does this relate to 6mm? Well my 6mm Napoleonics have sat idle since I played a Waterloo  refight in 2015 and my opponent has moved to another town, and sold the French figures. I still have Austrian, Dutch Belgians and Prussians but no opponents. I find myself repeating the same armies in different scales so I have decided to concentrate on doing 6mm Napoleonic only for the 1815 campaign. The Austrians will be sold to fund some French. And my 2mm, which I was planning to cover all of the Napoleonic campaigns, will exclude the 1815 campaign or the Peninsular (so no British).

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