Newish Lightbox

I while back I saw a recommendation on The Lead Adventure forum for a cheap lightbox. My home made efforts were pretty dismal and had got damaged over time.

So I brought a lightbox and then forgot all about it! It sat on-top of my painting desk and I didn’t notice it while I was grumbling about taking poor photos, but one day I noticed the new lightbox sitting there!

The new lightbox also has a built-in LED strip with a phone charger plug, a black and a white background, all for the under $10 USD (including free shipping to NZ). The link is to the lightbox is here

So far so good, and although it would be good to have more led strips down the sides, it seems work well and my camera on auto picks the colours out nicely.

My old lightbox with big heavy lamps and daylight bulbs. And a display base which I will cut to fit the new light box.


The new fold down lightbox (with its own carry bag).



And some sample photos of WW2 Germans with black and white backgrounds. Obviously the camera settings need tweaking, but its a much better starting position than my old camera.


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