Belated Happy New Year and a review of 2019

Yes another roundup of 2019. Overall I made good progress but I also realised that I have too many figures and projects on the go, so I tried not to start too many more in 2019.

A big influence on my gaming this year was a mountain bike crash in April where I broke my arm and it required surgery. I couldn’t use my right hand (main hand) for 2 months and had limited use for several more months. This made painting very tricky although I did manage to learnt to paint with my left hand to a reasonable level.

My tally for the year in 6mm is

  • 97 vehicles
  • 4 aircraft
  • 13 helicopters
  • 833 Figures

Which I am happy with as my goal was 180 vehicles and 600 figures.

Most of the figures I finished were modern infantry (US Moderns, Soviet VDVD Paras, Soviet moderns), and the vehicles were Modern Soviet and some WW2 German.

And how did it stack up against my plans?

I didn’t do very well with my original project list but that seems a common theme on wargaming blogs!

6mm nuclear reactor complex – Complete


6mm Modern Arabs – 1 step forwards, 2 steps back!

This army was originally meant to be a Iraqi 1980-90s army but I expanded into some of the other Arab nations. These were almost complete but I didn’t like the vehicle colour so I washed all the vehicles with GW contrast paint and now I am busy highlighting them all again.

Also the infantry basing was rushed and looked terrible, so I soaked them off the base and started again. The new basing is very good but I had to touch up a lot of the figures.  I expanded the army and got some more vehicles from H&R and I will order some from Scotia in 2020


Epic 6mm Imperial Guard – not started

I had 8 weeks off work in 2019 with an injury so I used my time to 3d print a massive Epic army. But that was a far as I got. Cleaning up the vehicle was too hard one handed.


6mm Airport  – half finished

Another project with some setbacks. The plywood boards I made for the runway warped badly and even after a lot of trying they remained warped so I binned them. I did complete the airport terminal (a Timecast model) which had a zillion windows and air bubbles, and that killed my desire to finish the airport.
6mm Terrain boards – not started

I brought a bunch of flock, paint and wood and drew some tile designs, but I haven’t got any wood yet for the tops. I brought some 2mm plywood but it was too thin and not strong enough. I hope to get some 4mm plywood soon to start this.
6mm Arab terrain and mat – not started

Some buildings were acquired and 3D printed but that was it.
6mm fantasy Wood Elves and Knights – undercoated

I got as far as undercoating the knights for painting


6mm modern French – Not started

Ordered 2 companies worth of infantry but I was optimistic that I would complete other projects in the pipeline first.


Next year

I’ll post again soon with my 2020 plans as this was a longer post (ramble) than I intended.



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