Scifi Research outpost – Iliada Game Studio

Late last year I got a delivery of Iliada Game Studios mdf models (I must blog about them as I thought I had already). Delivery was held up due to Covid restrictions on sending parcels but eventually they arrived safely. Because it was almost year since ordering, I’d forgotten what I had ordered and what my plans were for these.

One of the sets which interested me the most was their Research Outpost, which for an unknown reason is no longer showing on their website.The design and painted examples were very appealing so this was one of the first pieces I made up.

MDF buildings tend to very flat surfaces which can be good and bad, but these do a good job of hiding that with a very clever design. However I still wanted to minimise some of the joins and pimp the buildings, so I got out some randoms bitz and nail decorations. I replaced the taller tower with a plastic piece from the top of a fence and also glued a few beads to the sides of the buildings. I also added a few pieces from Iliad’s Mat detailing set.

I still haven’t decided on a colour scheme but I have been thinking about a metallic scheme, perhaps with some washes over a sliver spray coat. I’ll try it on some scrap MDF first, rather than ruin some perfectly nice buildings!


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