Sci-fi objectives

About 5 years ago I made these objective objective markers for my Epic gaming, to go with the ones that were made previously. I made more objective markers than I needed so there was no rush to finish these. So, for a variety of reasons, they never got painted, and have sat on my workbench all this time, until now.

My interests have changed and I now plan to play some more generic sci-fi games where these will fit in nicely.

The first objective marker was made using a fuel tank from a 1/35 Tamiya SAS Jeep, I’ve had since I was a kid. Most of the other Jeep parts were donated to a 40K Orc army to make a war buggy (back when scratch building was the norm in 40K). I added a few other pieces to it and now it looks like a pretty cool command bunker. I’ll have to see if I have the other fuel tank that came with the jeep and use it.

The other objective was inspired by the Spacewrecks book by Stewart Cowley and his wonderful series of books (Spacecraft, Great Space Battles and others). It is meant to represent a long deserted alien gun found abandoned on the planet by settlers. The main parts are a 40K Dark Eldar gun and some road wheels from 1/72 German WW2 tanks. I think the base is off a MPC AT-AT walker kitset.

I think it would benefit from some more weathering and some plants growing over it, so I will look into that.


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