Dark ages settlement

I completed this 6mm settlement before Christmas and now its been added it to this blog. This settlement was based around Timecast’s Celtic buildings and inspired by different Dark ages images I’d researched.

It was started in March 2022 but progress stalled for most of the year as I realised I’d stuffed up the design, and made it much more cramped and smaller than I planned. I decided to push on and finish it rather than start from scratch, and aside from the small village area, I’m very happy with the piece. You can read about the progress here.

Most of the model was already finished but I had to paint the walls before the ground work was started. After that some ground texture was added using coloured bathroom caulk and various flocks. After flocking it I added some water to the ditch/moat with Woodland scenics instant water with a bit of brown ink mixed in. Some of the resin water soaked into the surrounding flock so those parts had to be re-flocked. Finally I realised there was no bridge across the ditch/moat, so I made one from the same broom bristles as the walls and smoothed the ends with some caulk.

It still looks a bit bland and lacks any signs of life, so I will probably add some sacks and piles of stuff. If I had more space I’d add some animal pens and a few animals, but it would be too cramped. Regardless of these limitations I am really pleased with the settlement and I’m looking forward to getting it on the table.


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