Sci-fi infantry – Mercenary force

My first batch of 6mm Sci-fi infantry is painted and based. These are CP Models RDF figures (formerly Angel Barracks) and are wonderfully detailed figures with lots of character. They were quite hard to paint because they have more details than virtually every other 6mm figure I have painted. They were painted with Vallejo Refractive Green for the uniform and Vallejo Light blue for the helmets, and gunmetal on the weapons.

I’ll be using them as a mercenary force in my games but I’ve yet to work out any unit organisation for them. It depends on the rules I’ll use and at the moment I have a few to try – Hellfire, Iron cow, Dirtside and others.

The bases are 3D printed and the design was inspired by some of the scifi bases that I think are made by GZG games. I like the irregular shape of these and I designed bases with 2,3 and 4 recesses for figure bases. I couldn’t figure out an easy way to bevel the edges in Tinkercard, so I did that with a file and knife after they were printed.

The basing is a desert theme which I have decided to go with for my scifi figures and games. I’ll need a desert mat or board which can be shared with my WW2 forces and modern Iraqi/Iranian games.

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