3rd painting tray finished

I’m pleased to post that my third 6mm painting tray was completed at the end of December. I started this one back in May 2022 so it took approximately 7 months to finish, which coincidentally it was the same length of time as the previous tray.

I’ve been using the painting tray system since June 2021 and it is described here. I’m finding it very useful for keeping focused on my projects, but I am still loading each tray with too many figures, and 7 months to complete a tray is too long.

Completed in this tray is 90 vehicles/aircraft/boats and 346 figures/cavalry. So what was in this tray?

  • One old project – the Epic Imperial Guard Imperial guard – was completed.
  • Battle of Britain – German WW2 He-111 bombers
  • Vikings infantry and Longships
  • FPW Prussian Hussar and Ulhan cavalry
  • More WW2 1940 British vehicles
  • 6mm Sci-fi infantry and Scifi vehicles
  • A few WW2 French infantry by GHQ
  • One of the last batches of modern 1980’s Iraqi vehicles
  • 2 units of fantasy Dragon knight mounted.

Looking forward to the next tray, I ‘already have a good idea what I want to work on. My pile of unpainted vehicles/aircraft is smaller than my unpainted figures, and with my current painting rate, I’ll finish all my vehicles/aircraft well before all the figures are finished. So the next tray will have a higher proportion of figures and there is a couple of large projects like FPW and Dark ages I really want to complete this year.



  1. An eclectic mix. It is however very satisfying to progress projects, and you certainly have progressed several. Good luck with the next batch!


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