2023 plans

Another year begins and another set of plans, which hopefully I will achieve this year! Looking back over the last few years since I have started setting goals, I’ve not done a very good job of achieving them, so this year I will try and set some more realistic goals.

Most of my goals are once again focused on finishing a bunch of in-progress projects. The projects I plan to complete this year are:

  • Modern Arab/Iraqi forces (about 40 artillery crew)
  • Modern Swedish (about 20 vehicles)
  • WW2 Early war British (about 40 vehicles)
  • WW2 Early war French (about 60 vehicles and 45 infantry with some to be culled)
  • WW2 Late war German (about 30 vehicles)
  • Dark ages DBA Vikings (60ish figures)
  • Battle of Britain planes (12 aircraft)
  • 6mm Sci-fi forces (170 figures and 35 vehicles)
  • FPW Prussian army (390 figures)
  • Fantasy Wood Elves (100 figures but I need to buy more)
  • Fantasy Dragon knights (45 figures)
  • Late war WW2 British (not sure how many I can squeeze in so I’ll leave this open)

which gives a total of 197 vehicles and 850 figures

So my goal for 2023 is to paint 200 vehicles/aircraft and 1000 figures!

New projects

I want to try and avoid the wargamers buttterfly syndrome and finish the projects listed above. That doesn’t leave me a lot to work on new projects, but I’ll see if I can squeeze a couple in and make a start in the following

  • Fantasy Dwarves (360 figures but I need to cull some and replace them with other figures)
  • FPW French (825 foot and 53 cavalry)
  • DBA Welsh Dark ages (around 120 figures)
  • and if I get time I want to start on my Macedonians and Persians (approx 1000 figures)


A lot of my goals are finishing off existing projects or starting on projects I meant to last year, so this is almost a copy and paste from last years post!

Epic city scenery – Semi gothic style and lots of ruins (because they are easier to do), but not too much in the GW style. I’m really inspired by these, but without the Forgeworld price tags.

Dark ages scenery – Villages and settlements, a port, Rivers and streams, Swampy grounds and some army camps.

French villages and country side pieces. Mostly for WW2 but designed to fit with skirmish games on a smaller table. This includes flexible town/village bases with removeable features such as buildings.

General scenery such as Rivers, Streams, Rocky areas (big and small). I seem to be lacking or the pieces I have are quite large, so they don’t work well on my smaller gaming area.

Sci-fi scenery – I have some 3D printed buildings to detail up with Iliad Studio pieces and other greebles and repaint. Also in 2022 my Iliad Studios MDF buildings arrived so there is a few settlements worth of those to assemble and paint.

Gaming etc goals

One of my goals last year was to play more games, but I ended up playing less than previous years. This year I want to commit to a number and play at least 20 6mm games, which is just under 1 game every two weeks.

Website updates. This is another goal I failed to do anything with in 2022, so I want to commit to 6 website updates this year. I almost completed some changes and then got sidetracked updating the look of the site instead of adding content.


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