Swedish modern vehicles

These 1980s Swedish vehicles are part of the Scandinavian invasion project that I was working on in 2021, and they are now complete.

The models are all from Heroics and Ros and they are some of their more recent sculpts, which as you can see, they are very well detailed models. The only thing I would have liked to have seen were some crew in Pv9031 RCL Jeep, like in the Pv9031 jeep version.

It took a while to find a shade of green that I like and they are different from my earlier Swedes vehicles I painted probably 15 years ago (no surprises!) This shade was a mix of different Tamiya paints and I didn’t keep note of the colours used, which I probably should have.

Here is all the models from my batch along with my finger! I have another batch so that the army will be finished, and that will be mostly BV202s.

Volvo C306 GS trucks and Pv9031 RCL Jeep. The windows on the trucks were a challenge but the end result is nice.

Pv9031 Jeep and Volvo trucks. The Pv9031 Jeeps are lovely models and its nice to see the crew molded on and well sculpted too.

IKV-91 Tanks destroyers – These are older sculpts but they hold up well. The IKVs are probably not very effective on the battlefield and with paper thin armour, but they are certainly cool.


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