Blog and 6mm Website changes

Regular visitors may have noticed I have added some new features to the blog site today. I went to use a search function and discovered there wasn’t one setup, so I added a widget thingee. I also added a list of posts by month which is more useful for me to see how well I am at posting regularly.

Then I thought about some nice features that I see on other blogs like Tags, so they were added on every post. It took about 1 1/2 hours, but I think it will be very useful as the blog continues to grow.

Website changes

I was on a forum today and discovered that my signature which links to my website was not working. I’d noticed over the last few months that my old links didn’t work, but the implication of this has just hit me. At some point I noticed it changed from to

This means every external link to the website is broken and some of the internal links are stuffed! The website is piggy-backed off a friends website so I’ll see if it can be reverted, but I think the best long term plan is to move to my own domain, which could be a fair but of work.


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