Fifty shades of Green (AKA Swedish Cold war infantry)

The first batch figures from the painting tray are complete and they are Cold war Swedish infantry. They are all part of H&R new range of Swedish infantry and they are great sculpts. I went for bright colours on the uniform as they are 6mm and it helps them stand out, and photos online of the summer uniforms showed a pretty bright shade of green. All the other uniform bits are green, so I used a few different greens for the webbing and helmets. Basing to come obviously.

I’ve got another batch to go and then I will have 2 companies of infantry, a few spare command, 120mm mortars and some Bantam ATGM (which you can see here).

Funnily enough, while I was looking for something else , I found some old Mainforce infantry that I used for a number of years as Swedish infantry. I’m pretty sure they are West German figures and I’m not sure where that colour scheme came from! I noticed that they were never finished as a lot of the figures only have their uniforms finished, and I haven’t painted any weapons, flesh or webbing. I have a vague memory that I was painting these for a convention (playing WRG Modern rules) and I think once that was over they got packed away and forgotten about.


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