Yet more supplies

Recently packages from Heroics and Ros and Scotia Grendel turned up. These are for my 2021 plans and beyond, and there is a lot of WW2 on the plate this year.

From Scotia I picked up enough to finish off my :-

  • Afrika Korp vehicles
  • Modern Argentinean
  • Modern Iraqis/Arabs
  • More Soviets for a fictional Cold War Swedish/Soviet War
  • 1940 German WW2
  • And some 1940 French trucks and halftracks and a few late war German trucks
Scotia order

The H&R order included a lot of infantry (modern Swedish and Afrika Korp) as well are some Modern Danish samples and other bits. These will probably get included in my Scandanvian project. Also included were the remaining vehicles and guns for the DAK army.

This was going to be my last order for a while as my credit card took a hammering, but somehow I forgot to order any DAK infantry. I ordered commanders, engineers, support weapons and gun crew but not the infantry packs!

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