Infantry Bases

A common topic of discussion within the hobby is the subject of basing and compatibility with various rules. Some rules can be very specific and others are more flexible, and then your current basing scheme only lasts until the next greatest rule set comes out. I’ve decided to forgo that for my 6mm skirmish (WW2 and Moderns) infantry and use rule sets where it is flexible, or fit the rules to my own basing.


After much deliberation I have standardised my 20th century skirmish infantry bases onto a couple of sizes, and created 3D printable files for them. The sizes I have come up with are 25mm square for Infantry teams, Support weapons and larger commands stands with different shaped recesses. The smaller stands are 20mm square and I use these for small Command stands, observers, LMGs, SAMs and light mortars. But of course they can be used for other troops types.

All of these have a rough texture which can be painted and flocked, and sometimes I add a small amount of filler.

I have also created recesses for the figure’s bases, which looks more natural for skirmish games. I’ve not a fan of figures perched ontop of a base in any scale and I try to cover it up when basing. I find this solution works well and you can pretty much flock over the recesses on base. The recesses usually fit H&R and GHQ bases well with the odd piece of trimming, but for Irregular and Baccus who have thicker bases, this is more work. for trimming those use a reasonable pair of sidecutter pliers.

The link for them on Thingverse is here and they can be easily modified in Tinkercad (which is where I created them).  Different 6mm manufacturers make not always fit into the recesses on the bases, and a bit of trimming may be required.


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