Epic Imperial Guard

Although I haven’t managed to stay on track with my 2020 plans this is one of my planned projects for this year. The Imperial Guard (Astra Militarium) are one of the original 40K armies and an army I have always admired.

While I have been keen to start this army for a while, I was struggling to find a colour scheme that I liked. I’m not well versed in 40K lore as I got out of 40k in Rogue Trader days, but after some research (browsing) I discovered the Steel Legion Imperial Guard units. The bright colours appealed and infantry in long coats with masks also match very closely the Vanguard figures I have!

I’ve completed the first batch of Imperial Guard vehicles and are starting on a second batch. I used the airbrush for the base colour and basic camo colours. This was followed by lot of highlighting and probably too much chipping. Then I gave the models a brown wash to tone down the colours and blend them all together. I also painted some red and white stripes which I have seen on IG as well as WW2 British vehicles

So the first batch has come out very well and the 3d models came up better than expected, with virtually none of the 3D print lines visible (apart from the sides of the Thunderers).

Centurion Tanks (Vanguard Miniatures)

Chimera APCs (3D prints)

Super heavy tanks ( Vanguard miniatures which I will use as Shadowsword proxies)

Thunderer Assault gun vehicles (3D prints)

And I have started a second batch including the remaining Chimeras, Predators and a massive Leviathan


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