Slow burning modern Arab army

I’ve recently been working on this army which I started back in 2016/2017. The idea came about due to a surplus of 6mm modern Soviet equipment, and a renewed interest in the Arab wars, post WW2. It evolved into an Iraqi army and I purchased some specialised vehicles like the Kuraisser and AMX GCTs.

My interest in the army waned as I wasn’t happy with the colours (too washed out) but during the lock down experimented with some washes and GW contrast paints. Here is the results which are not too bad. The high contrast style works well if the 2ft rule is applied.


Also helping was this fantastic set of books on the Iran-Iraq war from Helion, which has helped motivate me, and it is great to see such detailed info into this relativity unknown war. I have got the first 2 of the 4 book series, and they are a gold mine of information.

BMP1, Kraz255 trucks and BTR60s (all Scotia)


Scud launcher (Skytrex) without a missile and SA6 (H&R)


SU100 (H&R with new brass replacement barrel) and 85mm AT Gun (Scotia)


Gaz66 and UAZ469 (both Scotia)


I have about 30-40 vehicles left to complete from my existing collection and I need to order some more vehicles from Scotia, once international shipping returns to something more normal. Or I may just order and wait 2-3months for it to arrive!


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