Modern British aircraft

Work has been hectic post Covid19 but I managed to find some time to finish off my Modern British aircraft, to go with my land forces or use for some C21 air gaming. I think I started on the Tornadoes and Jaguars a couple of years ago but I got put off during the gluing of all the missiles and fuel tanks onto them! I picked them up again a few months ago, along with a 3D printed Vulcan bomber.

Getting the colours right was also a stumbling block for me and then I found that Tamiya had released a Ocean grey XF-82 colour paint, which seemed perfect for the British aircraft (it could be a WW2 colour but it looks right for post war British aircraft). I blasted then with the air brush and added some white to the grey, for some shading. The green was Vallejo olive green followed by Italeri Russian Armour green for the highlights.

brit aircraft1

The Jaguars and Tornadoes are Heroics and Ros and are lovely models, with the Vulcan a 3D print from here. I split the model in half down the fuselage and printed it in 2 halves. Looking at the pictures I forgot to add a refueling probe (something that was vital during the Black Buck raid in 1982). Decals are from Doms Decals.

brit aircraft2


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