2020 plans (or dreams)

Another ritual of the wargaming blog-sphere is to contemplate the forthcoming year and produce something that resembles a plan. So here is mine even though I doubt I will stick to it, so it is more of a set of goals.

New projects

Epic Imperial Guard (Astra Militarium now days).

I went crazy on the 3D printing front and have a lot of vehicles to cleanup and paint. I don’t have enough infnatry so I will order some more from Vanguard Miniatures.

Vietnam Downtown

Another 3D printing project with a bunch of planes for the USAF and Vietnamese forces. About 30 planes in total.

6mm Desert Terrain

To go with my Arab forces I will make some terrain. I have plenty of buildings which are a mix of resin, homemade and 3D printed. I want to make hills, rocky areas, oasis’s, farm lands and a few iconic pieces. I have some pyramids but that will be more fantasy than not!

Epic scenery

Also for my Imperial guard I want to have some GW Gothic style terrain to go with them. Mostly 3D printed along with a few original GW pieces.

And the big one – a new set of 6mm Terrain boards

I finally brought some plywood for the boards so I have all the materials and will start planning. I want some integrated pieces with features like a motorway, border crossing, coastline/river, airport, castle.

Got wood

Other high priority projects to complete

Complete my Modern 1/300 Arabs

I have to complete basing and touchup on a infantry company and finish more vehicles. I don’t have all the models so the rest will be ordered from Scotia.

Complete the WW2 1940 project

I’ve made a good start on the Germans and I have about 50 vehicles to paint along with some infantry. The British don’t have any vehicle so I will paint around 30 to get them on the table. And I have a decent sized French army I brought many years ago – all CNC and GHQ, so lovely models in need of painting.

Finish off my modern Soviet Infantry and Artillery

Again half finished and a small order to H&R is needed.

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