Finshed the coast line and port

After a burst of activity I completed the coast line and port.

For the coastline I added some caulk for the beach and to blend it into the rest of the table. Then it was painted with sandy-creamy paint and flocked. But before that I gloss varnished the water


The post was undercoated black and then airbrushed different shades of grey which were mixed.  The edges were highlighted in very light grey and I used some Tamiya weathering sticks to create the tyre mark effect

Also I came across this LCT4 (from Thingverse) 3D model, so I printed it after scaling it to around 1/285th and some of the details pushes the limits of my printer. There is a lot of cleanup and I will have to replace some of the tiny parts with plastic parts. To stop the parts coming off the bed I used a brim (as I typed this I realised maybe I should have used a raft!)


I’m still not sure if I should bother to finish this and then an idea struck me, that it will make a great wreck on my coastline, and the printing defects will enhance the decayed look of a wreck.

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