Coasts and ports

More progress for our upcoming Cold War weekend.

A requirement of our weekend is a that the NATO forces need a coastline for the invading forces along with a port, which I have been tasked with.

I’ve started on the coastlines and I used Stationery items called “pockets”, which are thin L shaped plastic sleeves designed to store papers by sliding them in. I find they are thick enough not to warp (if stored well), but thin enough not to sit to “tall” on the table, if that makes sense.

A major bugbear of mine and wargames terrain is figures or scenery which have thick bases and look like they are sitting on plinths.

Next I mixed up some cheap craft paints (blue, green, black and grey) in with some white caulk. They it was smeared onto the plastic sleeves, which was clamped down while the mixture dries.


While it was still tacky, I got a piece of foam and dabbed it onto the mixture, to create an effect of waves. The coastline in these pictures look a bit strange as each piece is actually two coast pieces, which will be cut in half once the mixture is dry.


I also made a start on the port and went through my selection of plasticard offcuts to create a port. It will be quite small, as it is designed to fit on a piece no bigger than 300x150mm. next I will detail the port and find some appropriate buildings and stores.




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