Upcoming Moderns game

A group of gamer friends have started hiring house somewhere and playing wargames all weekend. Most of us are ex WRG Moderns players, so we tend to play massive multiplayer Moderns games with the usual Board games, Drinking, BBQs in the mix. In November we are off to a lovely spot in NZ called Raglan, which is renowned for its beaches and surfing. We will be inside rolling dice and moving figures around.

We are planning a large Cold War moderns game set in Europe with a US Marine naval landing force. Initial defenders will be WARPACT forces with older equipment such as T55s, BTR60s etc, before reinforcements from both sides start to arrive.

In preparation I started painting more WARPACT defenders and Soviet infantry. Here’s the first batch done but unfortunately I don’t have enough infantry, so I placed a quick order to H&R, and hopefully they will arrive in time.

The start of 2 infantry companies plus support weapons

soviet1While I wait for the new H&R order I have various support weapons to paint.

AT4 Spigot, RPGs, SA-7, LMGs and a few soldiers


Also planned for the weekend is an Airfield, Coastline and a Port, so I need to come up with something quick. I had already started on a Airport earlier in the year so I will try and complete that quickly.

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