1940 WW2 France project

With my renewed interest in WW2 I have started painting 1940 Germans as I had a few models already and picked up more off a friend. I tried out the new GW contrast paint over a white undercoat. It produced a good starting point and I followed it with 3 layers of grey.

Its a lot of effort for a 6mm model but the finished models are great and I don’t plan on painting hundreds. I am painting them in batches of 3-5 models so i can complete a batch quickly instead of bogging down on massive batches of 20+ vehicles (something I used to do).

Here’s some of the Self propelled guns I finished. All are from Scotia-Grendel and the decals are a mix of aircraft decals, and I really need to get some for AFVs.

Scotia SIG33 Auf Pnz Ib

Scotia SiG 33 Auf Pnz 38(t)

Some crew for these would be cool since the vehicles have open compartments. The earlier H&R crew would be good, as they are pretty slim but I just sold my excess off (arrgh)!

I’ve got some of the newer H&R artillery crew on the way (DAK and SS as they haven’t released new regular German figures yet) so I will try and squeeze some of them onto the vehicles.

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