Returning to WW2


As mentioned in my last post I spent many years trying different WW2 rulesets trying to find the right set for micro armour games.
Rules I have played are

  • WRG 1925-1950 (1973 and 1988 versions)
  • Blitzkrieg Commander
  • Crossfire
  • Kamfgruppe Normandy (predecessor to BGN)
  • Chain of Command
  • Lightning War
  • Flames of War
  • Spearhead

There are lots of good rules sets in the list above but I think my first set (WRG 1973) has influenced me ever since I played it. I still prefer a 1 to 1 scale games with a couple companies of troops/vehicles on the table. I enjoy some of the more infantry orientated sets (CoC and CF) but that’s not the sort of game I’m looking for with 6mm (I like tanks!).

Also I have less time these days to devote to long games, so I am looking for a good ruleset which will produce enjoyable smaller games and its one of the reasons I chose IABSM as my set. I haven’t played them yet and a quick read of the rules, shows me they have come a long way since the more open “toolbox” style of earlier sets. However reading rules alone isn’t enough to see how well they play, so I’m going to commit to some games.


Most rules have some subtle mechanisms built into them which are not always apparent from reading, and it will take a few games to pick up on those. I don’t want to skew my impressions because I misread certain rules, so I will hopefully play a game, re-read the rules, research parts I didn’t understand and repeat.

Although I have chosen to play IABSM, I plan to try out other rules and keep an open mind regarding some of the rules listed above. Special mention goes to KGN and the Battle Group series, which I think are beautifully produced, designed, written and researched. For smaller games these could work very well, once I figure out something for handling individual figure casualties.

Another WW2 set I discovered online is called “Platoon to Cover” and “Advance to Cover”. I was inspired by the authors battle reports is an online and the author has also tried out other sets, and has done some very good analysis and comparisons.

Both sets of rules can be found here

Scroll down about halfway for the rules

After talking to the author, I understand “Platoon to Cover 2018” is a newer version of “Advance to Cover (2014)” and has updated mechanisms and is designed to use a grid system. Its also more suitable for solo games, which is useful for me while I paint forces and settle on rules. Both are interchangeable, and Advance to Cover has more chrome and is fleshed out better. I’m thinking about playing Platoon to Cover but use the normal movement from Advance, and fill in any other gaps. And of course they are free which is a another selling point!

In the future posts look into using WW2 scenarios and post some game reports once I get everything ready.



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